5.1 Communities and Ecosystems
Flash cards- review terms

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5.2 Greenhouse effect
Greenhouse effect animation
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5.3 Populations
Sigmoid growth curve
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5.4 Evolution & Option D
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Quizlet flash cards
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5.5 Classification
Quizlet flash cards (you don't have to know the plant ones yet!)

Nervous System & Animal Behavior (E3 & E6)
6.5.1- State that the nervous system consists of the central nervous system
(CNS) and peripheral nerves, and is composed of cells called neurons that can carry rapid electrical impulses.

6.5.2 Draw and label a diagram of the structure of a motor neuron.

6.5.3 State that nerve impulses are conducted from receptors to the CNS by sensory neurons, within the CNS
by relay neurons, and from the CNS to effectors by motor neurons.

6.5.4 Define resting potential and action potential (depolarization and repolarization).

6.5.5 Explain how a nerve impulse passes along a non-myelinated neuron.

6.5.6 Explain the principles of synaptic transmission.

E3 Innate and learned behaviour

E6 Further studies of behaviour
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